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Jennifer Aniston’s Career Is Gangbusters

According to Newsweek , Jennifer Aniston -the woman who was the second-highest paid actress in 2009, whose latest movie The Bounty Hunters has already made a respectable $73 million worldwide -is a “cautionary tale.” In a truly bizarre article, Ramin Setoodeh claims that overexposure has hurt Aniston’s career as well as Jennifer Lopez’s. “In large part, Lopez and Aniston were casualties of a sort of Hollywood perestroika : the democratization of fame,” Setoodeh claims with little or no support.

Though her career is not quite as amazing as Aniston’s right now, J. Lo is about to come out with a new movie, The Back-Up Plan , and she recently hosted Saturday Night Live . Somehow this does not strike me as any sort of cautionary tale, and it is odd that Setoodeh is hell-bent on portraying Lopez and Aniston as tragic. With Aniston, I wonder if it is because the tabloid narrative about her is that she is unlucky in love and therefore unlucky in life . Actually, the continued success of both Aniston and Lopez-women who are over 40 and still getting cast as romantic leads-is something to be happy about, not to weirdly, inaccurately denigrate.