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Getting Spanked At Prom

The prom-dram continues: Over on Jezebel , Irin calls attention to a local Alabama news story about students at Oxford high school who were punished for violating their school’s dress code last Saturday during prom .  The school’s code requires that female students’ dresses must not have “slits more than four inches above the knee and there must be no revealing neck lines or back lines. The dresses can be sleeveless or strapless, provided all body parts from the shoulder to the knee are covered.” Uh, sure. Has anyone in the Oxford administration seen a prom dress before? I can’t find more than one dress on this site that meets a shoulder-to-knee requirement.

All together 25 students received punishment for their prom apparel. The most bizarre, oh-so-gently dropped tidbit in this piece? Violators were offered a choice between suspension or “corporeal punishment.” Yep, it turns out it’s totally legal for Alabama schoolmasters to spank your kid for showing a few inches of leg flesh! As Irin puts it:

“But one thing is clear: There is no greater threat to our children than the sight of some upper thigh, or the few inches of breast above a sequined dress. Bring on the paddle.”

Photograph of girls by Photodisc/Getty Images.