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Why Don’t These Cheaters Wear Condoms?

Emily Y., I agree that the sex scandals just aren’t fun anymore . They’re sordid and upsetting. The most upsetting part, though, is not the vulgarity (though Tiger’s texts should win some sort of prize for debasement )-it’s that many of these guys were not using condoms when they cheated on their wives. Jesse James allegedly did not use protection when he had sex with apparent white supremacist Michelle “Bombshell” McGee , and Tiger didn’t use them with at least two of his mistresses , according to Us Weekly.

Of course, as this handy Esquire article on ” Why Men Cheat” makes note , men are a) not thinking about their wives or any other details of their quotidian lives when the are having sex with friends and strangers, and b) are doing it to test their own “tolerance for risk.” I imagine the tolerance for risk will be vastly depleted with the first symptoms of gonorrhea.

Photograph of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.