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When Will Sarah Palin Ditch the Aggrieved Act?

Sarah Palin appeared on Jay Leno’s first show back on the Tonight Show after the much-publicized, months-long fight among Leno, NBC, and Conan O’Brien over hosting duties. Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor does a good job of destroying Palin’s continued claim that she is not heard by the mainstream media : “Recall that she is already a career talking head and capable of commanding interviews in any newspaper, TV show, or radio program in America. The only bigger platform would be to attach a megaphone to the moon and blanket the entire planet with her voice.”

Though it is as absurd as it is for Palin to continue with this aggrieved act, her popularity with the growing Tea Party movement depends on her maintaining the farce. She claims, illogically, that she is going to continue to write notes on her hand during speeches-as she was mocked for doing during a Tea Party speech in February -because it gets the left “all wee-wee’d up.” Yes, that’s why the left gets mad at Palin, because she refuses to use an elitist teleprompter. Clip of Palin commisserating with Leno below.