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We’re Talking About: March 9, 2010

- Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) says the wording of the House health care reform bill can be changed to keep taxpayer dollars from funding abortions without placing new restrictions on abortion rights. Stupak, who sponsored the proposed amendment to the House bill barring federal subsidies for abortions, accuses pro-choice advocates of making abortion part of the health care debate. [ AP ]

-Sarah Palin has finally come up with an excuse for her 10 th grade note-taking style: Her palm-scribbling is further evidence of her divinity , or perhaps God’s Palinity. At the Ohio Right to Life fundraiser Sunday, she paraphrased Isaiah 49:16 , “I wrote your name on the palm of my hand to remember you,” and added, “I’m in good company.” [ Daily Intel , Huffington Post ]
Here’s a clip from the fundraiser:

-Even Kenneth Starr is chastising Liz Cheney for questioning the “values” of Justice Department lawyers who have represented terror suspects. Starr is one of 19 prominent conservative attorneys to sign a letter protesting Cheney’s representation of the Justice lawyers as ” the al Qaeda seven .” [ Salon , Politico ]

-Confirmed! Betty White will host Saturday Night Live ! But will she mention that Oscar dead-folks montage that didn’t mention fellow Golden Girl Bea Arthur ? [ People , New York Daily News ]