The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: March 31, 2010

-Iran has the highest rates of rhinoplasties in the world. In China, surgical leg lengthening becomes increasingly popular.  Extreme beautification goes global . [ The New York Times ]

-More schoolchildren are committing suicide or require reconstructive surgery, as U.S. bullying culture expands and intensifies . Both in the classroom and on the Internet, children’s cruelty is becoming more violent and sexualized. [ NY Daily News ]

-Exercising for 60 minutes a day won’t actually prevent middle-age weight gain . [ Harvard Science The Daily Beast ]

- The real life morality play of Tiger Woods gets some new twists : $30,000-per-hand gambling stints with Michael Jordan , the cheap seduction of his mistresses, and an inner circle of enablers. [ Opinionator Blog , Vanity Fair ]

- A transgender woman is found dead and naked in her destroyed Queens apartment. [ NY Daily News ]