The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: March 30, 2010

- David Brooks seizes on Sandra Bullock’s career success and marital heartbreak as the occasion for issuing another earth-shattering Brooksian moral: Money won’t make you happy. [ New York Times ]

-The Moscow subway bombing that killed 39 people Monday morning draws attention to female suicide bombers, their motivations, and their formal role in Chechen rebels’ terror campaigns . Tracy Clark-Flory in Salon recalls researcher Lindsay O’Rourke’s finding that, contrary to popular belief, women commit suicide bombings for the same reasons men do. [ Salon , The Daily Beast , New York Times ]

-The health care reform bill for the first time bans insurance companies from discriminating against women . Previously, insurance companies legally charged women higher premiums just for being female, even for policies that didn’t cover maternity. [ New York Times ]

-Could latchkey parenting actually be good for your kid ? [ Babble ]