The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: March 24, 2010

- The Irish Bishop John Magee finally resigns , over a year after a report revealed that he mishandled reports of pedophilic priests in the 1990s. The Pope sent an unprecedented letter to the Irish church on Saturday, condemning decades of cover-up while admitting no Vatican responsibility. [ New York Times ]

-Although the benefits and risks of C-sections have been the subject of debate for a quarter century, mothers across the United States are opting in ever greater numbers for the procedure. This year, six states have seen a dramatic rise in the proportion of births by C-section, which now grazes 40 percent. [ USA Today]

-Facebook has been linked to a rise of syphillis in parts of England, especially among young women. Health officials say online social networking sites, like Facebook, allow for more random, casual sexual encounters that encourage the spread of diseases. [ The Telegraph ]

-Sarah Palin may sign a deal with the Discovery Chanel in the next few days for her reality show Sarah Palin’s Alaska , in which she guides audiences through the outdoors of her native state. The former vice presidential candidate’s asking price is an alleged $1.2 million per episode, which would make the show one of the most costly nature docu-series to ever be produced. [ New York Times , NPR ]

-The health center of a Seattle high school helped a 15-year-old student get an abortion during school hours without the knowledge of her mother . The County Health Department defends the actions of the high school, as someone can legally terminate a pregnancy at any age in Washington state. The mother feels, however, like her “rights were completely stripped away.” [ KOMO News]