The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: March 1, 2010

-Two toddlers left without adult supervision died in a North Carolina fire this weekend. Their mother, who left her four children home alone, is being charged with murder. [ Associated Press ]

-A study from the United Kingdom found that children left with grandparents while their parents are at work are far more likely to be overweight than kids sent to day care. The study hypothesizes that the cause lies in grandparents’ tendency to overindulge. [ New York Times ]

-In the midst of the scandal surrounding New York Governor David Paterson , a top cabinet member has resigned . Denise E. O’Donnell , the deputy secretary for Public Safety, announced her resignation, stating that the governor’s actions were “unacceptable regardless of their intent.” [ Huffington Post ]

- Time Magazine has compiled the top 10 most memorable moments of this year’s Winter Olympics . From the tragic to the triumphant, the list covers all of the Games’ most exciting memories. [ Time Magazine ]

-Octomom has a new body and now a new social life. The mom of 14 left her kids at home to make the most of her recent trip to New York City with shots and club-hopping. [ Shine ]

Photograph of Nadya Suleman by Robyn Beck/AFP.