The XX Factor

Sarah Palin’s Big Alaska Haul

Sarah Palin is supposedly nearing a deal with Discovery for her reality show, in which ” ’ Planet Earth’ meets Alaska meets her family ,” which will appear on camera as part of the program. Compare that to Marisa’s YouTube friends JuicyStar07 and Beautycakez, with their “haul videos” showing off finds from stores like Forever 21. Sarah Palin is, by many accounts, a strong outdoorswoman with a real attachment to Alaska; Blair (aka JuicyStar07) appears to be a strong shopper with a powerful attachment to her mall. Both want to share.

I don’t agree with Sarah Palin politically, but I find her choices regarding what to do with her celebrity entertaining and somehow depressingly familiar. She wrote a book defending herself (with little of the usual grunt work associated with actually writing a book). She tried stand-up comedy , she quit her bothersome actual job, and now, she’ll set up a nice, controlled reveal of everything she actually wants people to see about her home turf. Every detail will be as carefully curated as Blair’s hair and the fedora hanging on the rack behind her as Palin draws the bits of Alaska she wants to carry with her out of her great big shopping bag. Palin’s audience is larger than most people’s, but her reaction to having been catapulted from a moderate-to-high degree of career success into beyond-your-wildest-dreams status remains as narrowly focused as Beautycakez’s selection of nail polish: It’s still all about Sarah Palin. Which makes me think that, yes, we can all admit we like Nancy Pelosi now .