The XX Factor

Rielle Simple

KJ , I keep trying to connect the bad judgment Rielle Hunter exhibited in this interview with the bad judgment she exhibited in posing, with her child , for a series of photos that look like a creepy, male sex-fantasy from 1984. Pearls? Stuffed animals? Men’s shirt? Belly button? It all sort of puts the “ill” back into MILF doesn’t it?

The interview is almost unbearable in its silliness: “One thing I’ve learned about relationships and men is that you can never walk across the room for a man.” And: “It’s beyond difficult. To allow a man to be a man.” And: “I could have helped save the world, but I had to sleep with him.” Every time Hunter makes a consequential choice-to sleep with Edwards on the day they met,  to become involved with a married man-she blames “the force field” of their love. There’s not a lick of remorse, growth, or responsibility in here. She’s just sort of bobbing along in a New Age current of words from one bad decision to the next. It’s funny that Hunter’s singular obsession with Edwards is that, as she explains, “His public persona just did not match who he is.” She has no such problem. Given 10 pages to finally tell us who she really is, Hunter reveals herself as exactly the same amoral sex-kitten/child captured in these photographs.

Photograph of John Edwards by Michael Williams/Getty Images.