The XX Factor

Pro Wrestling Comes Out of the Closet

Because by some weird clause in the American Redneck handbook nearly naked men pinning each other to the ground before a jeering crowd has never been considered gay, it’s a big deal that last night on Spike TV Total Nonstop Action wrestling debuted the first-ever openly bisexual pro wrestler, Orlando Jordan . At his first match, Jordan, a 6-foot-4, 250-pound guy, entered the TNA arena flanked by hot escorts, crawled through the ring, and sat down in front of a tri-colored bisexual pride flag. Then he fake-kicked the fake-crap out of some dudes, as pro wrestlers do. No problems here.

Apparently there have been a few “gay” characters for the benefit of pro-wrestling theatrics before: Gorgeous George and “Exotic” Adrian Street, both of whome were played by straight guys performing as flamboyant, over-the-top “stereotypical” gay men in the ring. But according to one blog , TNA and Spike weren’t happy with they way Jordan’s real-life boyfriend rubbed his crotch pre-game. Note to wrestlers: It’s only OK if you’re pretending to like the crotch rub!