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John Edwards Made His Sex Tape With Rielle When?

I hate to bring this conversation about Rielle thudding back down to earth, Hanna, since surely I should be exalted by her conception of the divine. But Diane Dimond at the Daily Beast says she knows what’s in the Rielle-Johnny sex tape :

The Daily Beast can now describe the video in detail, based on accounts from multiple people who have viewed it. One source who has a medical background and has worked with pregnant patients says Hunter appears four or five months pregnant based on the swollen state of her belly and nipples. This would would place the tape’s filming somewhere around September or October of 2007, smack in the middle of Edwards campaign for the presidency.

That’s right-John Edwards apparently made a porn video with a woman he picked up in a hotel bar in the middle of his bid to become the Democratic presidential nominee. If Rielle is New Age gauzy-crazy, he is stark, raving mad.