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We’re Talking About: Mark Sanford, Michelle Obama, and Cellulite-Fighting Knickers

-South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is battling John Edwards for title of ” worst husband ever .” According to Jenny Sanford’s book out Friday, Staying True , her estranged husband would not agree to be faithful in their wedding vows. [ ABC News ]

-Michelle Obama is stepping up her fight against childhood obesity , making it her signature issue as first lady. She’s taking flack around the Web for mentioning that Malia was once “getting a little chubby” during her advocacy efforts. [ Politico , Jezebel ]

-Sarah Palin wrote an op-ed in USA Today to explain why she’s speaking at the Tea Party Convention. She forgets to mention the fact that she is being paid $100,000 for her efforts . [ USA Today , Gawker ]

-Will Katie Couric jump to daytime TV ? There is some speculation that CBS won’t want to pay her the big bucks for another year as evening news anchor now that her contract is up. [ NY Post via Daily Beast ]

-Best headline of the day: ” Cellulite? Try organic Indian knickers .” Apparently an Indian underwear manufacturer claims that their neem-tree-oil-infused panties will keep the ripples away. Okaaaay. [ Telegraph ]