The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: Feb. 9, 2010

-Is this Planned Parenthood ad more effective than the much-hyped Superbowl spots from Focus on the Family it responds to? Mid-tackle, Tebow and his mom never explicity mentioned abortion or “pro-life.” Sean James and Al Joyner ‘s message includes this line: “Only women can make the best decisions about their health and their future.” [ Washington Post ]

- Meghan McCain (explicitly, on the View ) and Cindy McCain (indirectly, by appearing in the NOH8 campaign ) accuse the GOP of bigotry. Just one more reason John is “on the tea party’s shit list.” [ Salon ]

-Does it matter that the judge on the Prop. 8 case, Vaughn Walker , is gay ? A Republican appointment, a record of fairness, and the defense’s inevitable appeal if he doesn’t rule in its favor, suggest no. [ Gawker , San Francisco Chronicle , WSJ ]

-A U.K. poll finds that many husbands are in the dark about the details of their wives’ lives . Her clothing size? Natural hair color? Birthday?! Not a clue. And the guys readily admit that their wives probably know these things about them. [ The Telegraph ]

-Researchers are getting a better sense of when your kid begins to feel your pain . Recently scientists have linked the development of empathy to the acquisition of sophisticated language. [ Babble ]