The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: Feb. 18, 2010

-Michelle Obama will sit down for an interview with former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on Fox News. Despite ideological differences, Huckabee, who once tipped the scales at nearly 300 pounds, commends the first lady for her efforts to combat child obesity. [ Politico ]

-U-S-A! U-S-A! Skier Lindsey Vonn powers through her injury and becomes the first American woman to win a gold medal in Olympic downhill. [ New York Times ]

-Childbirth may be a traumatic experience for some women, but can it cause PTSD? [ Salon ]

-Republicans and Democrats set aside their petty partisan squabbles to rewrite No Child Left Behind. [ Washington Post ]

-Manorexics and judgmental girlfriends rejoice: Spanx for men are here! [ Jezebel ]

-Virginia Senate quashes House’s attempt to pilfer funds from the sale of pro-choice license plates. [ Feministing ]