The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: Feb. 11, 2010

-Surprise! Blackwater employees are even more depraved than we previously thought. Two former workers claim that the notorious Iraqi security firm billed the U.S. government for a prostitute. [ Washington Post ]

-When a wife earns more than her husband, who should change the diapers ? Babble explores how income affects the division of domestic labor. [ Babble ]

-Fox News analyst Angela McGlowan announced her plans to run for the House of Representatives in Mississippi’s 1 st Congressional district. [ Politico ]

-The New York Senate finally expelled Hiram Monserrate for savagely beating his girlfriend. [ Feministing ]

-Thanks to the Great Recession, food stamps now in vogue. [ MSNBC ]

-Once a fashion faux pas, the socks-and-sandals combo reigns on the runway. [ New York Times ]