The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: Feb. 10, 2010

The bible of psychiatry, the DSM , is undergoing its first revision since 1994. Binge eating disorder and hypersexuality will likely gain entrance into America’s encyclopedia of mental illness, redrawing society’s line between normal and sick. [ New York Times , Washington Post ]

Is the media unsure how to handle successful female athletes ? From the Sports Illustrated cover of a provacatively bent-over Lindsey Vonn to the New York Times profile of the Olympic skier on Sunday, sports journalists often resort to sexist tropes when dealing with a lady athlete. [ Feministing ]

A study shows that there’s no link between how much television programming a child watches and his or her risk of obesity. The real predictor of weight is how many commercials children are exposed to. The colorful televised parade of cereal, fast food and candy affects their food preferences. [ Well Blog ]

A Gallup poll showed that Sarah Palin is the Republicans’ top presidential pick in 2012. But to really be a feasible candidate Palin needs to ignore the strategists, explain why she quit and send Tina Fey a bunch of flowers. [ The Daily Beast ]

Researchers investigate aphrodiasics and rethink some of our common lore. Chocolate? You’d have to eat 25 pounds of it to feel an effect. Donuts and pumpkin pie can trigger a sexual response, but only when paired with licorice and lavander, respectively. [ New York Times ]