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Tiger Woods: Elin Deserves Praise, Not Blame

Tiger Woods seemed genuinely contrite at his press conference this morning-and notably, wife Elin was not at his side, nor was she in the room . Tiger was careful to say, as he was apparently holding back tears, that Elin had never been violent toward him, despite tabloid reports of her coming at him with a golf club the night of Thanksgiving. He spoke in the language of the 12-step sex-rehab program he is reportedly attending: He made reference to making amends repeatedly and spoke of his renewed committment to the Buddhism his mother taught him as a child.

And speaking of Tiger Woods’ momma, Kultida, she was sitting front and center watching her son at the presser, and boy, did she look pissed. Her lips were in a tight line-one can only imagine what she was thinking while listening to her son talk about his bimbo transgressions. She did, however, hug Tiger and appear visibly warmer by the end of the speech. In terms of PR, I think this conference was a smart move: He really did seem sorry and deeply unhappy. It was hard not to feel some sympathy for him, even though he brought all this scrutiny on himself. If the emotion behind the speech was not genuine, Tiger should look into coming back as an actor, because the performance rang true.