The XX Factor

Itsy-Bitsy Ivy League Bikini

Hanna , while all the attention may have been on Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Lindsey Vonn, I just discovered that another one of their models is Sonia Dara . Dara, 20, is the 5’11” daughter of Indian immigrants-the first South Asian to be selected as a S.I. swimsuit model. She is also, no joke, a Harvard sophomore who just switched from pre-med to economics. She says in this Crimson article that as a high-school student modeling for the Elite agency in New York, she would be studying for AP classes while the rest of the girls were boning up for their GEDs. The Harvard-educated bikini model has long been a cultural fantasy figure of the ultimate woman. I wish I had some deep insight to offer about the fact that now she actually exists, but I can’t get past the fact that now she actually exists.