The XX Factor

Baby Brees

Kerry , I watched the Super Bowl with my husband, 14-year-old daughter, and a friend of hers, and we were all discouraged by what you identify as the truly nasty tone toward women that ran through the ads (and let’s not mention the explicitly porn style of the Go Daddy ads which had the girls vowing they would never use Go Daddy.) And Jess , I agree with you that if this is the way companies want to advertise their products, let them. But I was struck that all the loathing of domesticity in the commercials was completely undercut after the game by the image of a tearful Drew Brees tenderly holding and kissing his baby. In his post-game interview Brees made clear that while he was thrilled for this win, the bigger deal was the birth of his son.

Photograph of Brees family by Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images.