The XX Factor

That Better Have Been Some Kiss

I am of two minds about the story from the Newark Star-Ledger that says that the recent Newark airport security breach was caused by a couple kissing goodbye . On the one hand, it’s outrageous (though not entirely surprising, alas) that people could be so absolutely selfish that they would violate security protocols and inconvenience thousands of people for hours to sneak a few last moments together before a flight. I only hope they had the decency to be ashamed of themselves when they realized what a mess they had created.

On the other hand, we probably owe this as-yet-to-be identified couple a huge thank you. Because they have exposed that, mere days after an attempted flight-based terror attack and at an airport from which one of the 9/11 flights departed, that all you have to do to get past TSA is lift a rope. Kinda makes all the debate about the full-body scanners seem pointless and proves Anne Applebaum right for saying that all our spending on Homeland Security and TSA has been misdirected.