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SNL: Equal Opportunity Objectifiers

Mad Men star and universally acknowledged dreamboat Jon Hamm hosted Saturday Night Live last night for the second time in two years. No wonder they brought him back so soon: It was one of the best episodes all season. And the writers made ample use of his strapping bod-Hamm appeared shirtless in more than one sketch. When fellow Mad Men star January Jones tanked spectacularly on SNL in November, some blamed the SNL scribes who couldn’t figure out how to use Jones in a way that didn’t objectify her. The perpetually naked and gyrating Jon Hamm shows that the fault for Jones’ SNL performance remains with January, as Hamm was hilarious perfection.

In the better of the two Don Draper-in-skivvies sketches, Hamm plays newly elected Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (who is also known for his public semi-nudity ). Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and Robert Byrd can’t help but fantasize about the comely new kid. Clip is below.