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Raise Your Hand If You Haven’t Slept With Warren Beatty

As reported in the New York Post yesterday , Vanity Fair contributor Peter Biskind has penned a biography of actor/notorious lothario Warren Beatty, titled Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America , due to hit bookshelves next week. Among the juicier tidbits the book offers, Biskind claims Beatty slept with nearly 13,000 women. (Note: This estimate does not include “drive-bys” or your basic, everyday “casual gropings.”) Happy 2010, Tiger Woods! You’re no longer America’s most notorious philanderer. 18 mistresses in six years? Pppsh. Beatty was averaging four trysts a week. And according to his biographer, the man didn’t even get started until the age of 20.

However, practice, apparently, does not make perfect. According to the Post piece, a skeptic once asked Joan Collins, Beatty’s second starlet lover (he dumped Jane Fonda after spotting Collins at a Hollywood restaurant), whether the two really had sex seven times a day. She responded: “Maybe he did, but I just lay there.” Sounds like great sex! Good thing Beatty was generous enough to spread his magic bedroom technique to the beckoning hamantaschens of thousands upon thousands of other ladies.

On the list: Madonna, Jane Fonda, Isabelle Adjani, Diane Keaton, Joan Collins, Julie Christie, and Annette Bening, plus say, 12,768 more.