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Rahm Emanuel: Ultimate Working Mom

Working moms, whenever you are feeling harried, put upon, overwhelmed, just remember that Rahm Emanuel and his brothers do everything you do and more! Better! In her Daily Beast story today about the Jewish Kennedys , Rebecca Dana paints a portrait of three patriarchs whose devotion to their nine collective children has stolen nothing from their own ambitions. Rahm is famously doting, with pictures of his three children everywhere. Nearly every profile of him ends with him running off to a soccer practice or a family vacation. The children are an admirable bunch, racking up not just fellowships and awards but doing heaps of good works all over the globe. They grew up not watching television. Rahm, in fact, is a spokesman for work-life balance:

Rahm touted his paternal instincts as a way of recruiting Democratic congressional candidates, most famously in the case of Heath Shuler, the former Washington Redskins quarterback who had qualms about running for office because he had young children. Back in 2006, for two weeks Rahm called Shuler every time he spent time with his own kids: “Heath, we’re going to soccer practice, then a recital.” “Heath, I think I’m going to eat lunch with my kids today.” And so on. Shuler relented and is now the congressman for North Carolina’s 11th District.