The XX Factor

Oh, To Be Young and Hot

Rachael , I think the lesson we can draw from the Brown family is that some people, when they’re young and hot and are presented with the opportunity to memorialize it, will do so. I totally agree with you: So what? I hope they all laugh off the mockery, especially since senator-elect Brown and his wife, TV reporter Gail Huff, still look great. You can’t haul the Brown family into the court of hypocrisy, unless we turn up some speech he’s given or story she’s reported in which the lesson is, “Kids, even if you’ve got a great body, the worst thing you can do is pose in a state of undress.” It’s true, their daughter Ayla has a self-loving Web site, but I clicked on a few of her songs and she actually can sing (and is also young and hot), so her show-business ambitions are not delusional. And if she doesn’t make it, she surely will go on to have a productive life, as her parents have, even if her silliest self-displays can be tossed back at her decades later.