The XX Factor

Call for Submissions: Password-Sharing Mishaps

Our discussion yesterday on password sharing touched on just how prevalent the practice is. In the past, you had to actively look for information about an ex by semi-stalking his or her friends. But if you’ve shared your information with each other, scorned lovers can take things a step further: They can search their exes’ G-mail accounts or peruse their Facebook messages without anyone ever knowing about it. Even when your password sharing starts out as seemingly innocuous, lazy behavior (I don’t know how many times I’ve asked my boyfriend to check my e-mail for me), it can lead to a tedious and painful transition post break-up.

In a continuation of our awkward and wrong series of Internet mishaps, we’re looking for unfortunate experiences caused by sharing passwords. Did you find out your partner was cheating because of a rogue Gchat? Did you search his Twitter personal messages and find out what your ex really thought of you? Send us your uncomfortable stories .