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Breaking News: Moms Can Make Big Business Deals

The New York Observer has published a profile of Lisa Carnoy, the Bank of America executive who pulled off a stock sale that raised $19 billion for BoA and allowed the company to pay back its TARP loans from the government. Carnoy sounds like a fascinating businesswoman and anecdotes from the piece-like the one about how she once wooed Lululemon Athletica with tales of her team’s yoga and fitness habits-hint that she brings a different perspective, one that is influenced by her gender. Nothing wrong with that-instead, I see it as something to celebrate.

But I’d like to juxtapose that article with the piece that Hanna mentioned yesterday , the profile of Rahm Emanuel from the Daily Beast. Rebecca Dana writes that “He is a doting father, with an office so full of family photographs it struck filmmaker Karen Price, who made HouseQuake, a documentary about the 2006 elections, as ‘unusual,’ even for an elected official.”

We are told that Lisa Carnoy is an incredible businesswoman despite being a mother of four. And we are told that Rahm Emanuel is an incredible father despite his demanding career. I guess we have a ways to go, don’t we?