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White House Party-Crashers Are Not a National Emergency

I think I have had it with treating like the Salahi affair like a national emergency. The grandstanding by various congressmen is getting preposterous and embarrassing. Republican Pete King of New York, always reliable for faked outrage and hyperbole, is talking about ” stonewalling” and “imperiled security ,” like this was Watergate here. Sanction a couple of Secret Service guys, reprimand the social secretary, and call it a day. But congressional hearings? Is there nothing else to discuss.

Today one of the cheerleaders at the Redskins reunion that Michaele Salahi crashed brought it home for me, with a lament straight out of Glee : “It’s really a privilege to wear the burgundy and gold,” she huffed to the Washington Post . “For her to get out there and think she can just shake her pompoms is upsetting!”

Upsetting indeed. Where’s Jane Lynch when you need her?