The XX Factor

Which Babysitter Were You?

A New Year’s gift from Scholastic! The publisher is bringing back The Babysitters Club , the series about a gang of entrepreneurial young girls that more or less taught me how to read. Scholastic is re-issuing the first two books in the 213-title series-you read that right: 213 -as well as a prequel. (Outdated references to things like perms and cassette players have been tweaked for the new millennium.)

I, for one, was shocked to learn that all the books are out of print. ‘Tis a travesty that demands rectification! (While you’re waiting for the re-launch, you can enjoy the comic book adaptations by Raina Telgemeier.)

The which-Babysitter-were-you game was like a preteen version of the which- Sex and the City- character-are-you parlor game. I like to think I was a Kristy with a Claudia rising: bossy, but more into art than sports. And here I’d like to give a shout-out to Ann M. Martin*-how I love seeing that name in print again!-for having such a great, original Asian-American character like Claudia. Did you sob when Mimi died ? I still get choked up thinking about it.

Which one were you?

*Correction, December 31, 2009: Ann M. Martin’s name was originally spelled incorrectly.