The Happiness Project

Two Things that Make Me Happy Today.

As I approach the publication day of my book (oh, did I forget to mention it? December 29 ), two things have made me happy.

First, I’m scheduled to go on the Today show on Friday, January 8. Very exciting! I did the Today show for my first book, Power Money Fame Sex (which is sort of the opposite of The Happiness Project ). It was such an out-of-body experience that I have absolutely no recollection of talking to Matt Lauer. I’m thrilled to get the chance to talk about my book there. (And it’s still far enough in the future that I don’t feel nervous yet.)

Second, at long last, my book trailer is ready to be seen! It’s hard to believe how much work it takes to do a one-minute video – mostly done by my brilliant video person, Maria Giacchino at My Little Jacket . Check it out:

Here’s the link if you need it.

As always, although I worried about tackling a new thing, working on the trailer ended up being a lot of fun. I spent time with an interesting new person; I learned something about book trailers; I got the chance to exercise my creativity in a different way. Novelty and challenge are, well, challenging, but in the end, they lead to happiness.

If seeing the trailer inspires you to buy the book, here’s the pre-order link , and here are sample chapters .

Or if it inspires you to start your own happiness project, you can sign up to join the 2010 Happiness Challenge, to make 2010 a happier year.

* My friend Helen Coster published a hilarious piece in McSweeney’s: A former investment banker analyst falls back on Plan B . I was laughing out loud.