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Michael Jackson’s DNA Is Your New Signature Scent

For the MJ lover in your family- My DNA Fragrance , a Los Angeles company that seems to exists mainly to translate the DNA of the rich and famous and deceased into scents for the rest of us mortals to wear, has derived a perfume based on Michael Jackson’s DNA. Using a follicle of his hair.

Creepy? Absolutely! But kind of fascinating at the same time? I think so! The perfume, dubbed M , is available to order now. For a hefty $60, one gets 3 ounces of the absolutely “unique” Jackson juice packaged in a bottle resembling the late singer’s torso (disembodied body part bottle = +3 CREEPINESS POINTS). Maybe the most bizarre part of this one-of-a-kind holiday gift (honestly, I have a cousin who would go thriller for this) is that the company claims the hair strands used to create the scent come from the world’s largest collector of historical hair, John Reznikoff. Yes, this is a thing, and yes, this man exists . My DNA Fragrance has also created scents modeled on the DNA of Einstein (iQ) and Marilyn Monroe, and if you care to wear your own genetic code outwardly on your pulse points, the company will make you a signature scent based on your own DNA. Swab kit included.

But the question still at hand: What exactly does Michael Jackson’s DNA s mell like? Ambien, Lisa Frank folders, puppy chow, and baby powder? There’s only one way to know for sure, and it’s $60, an Internet connection, and a somewhat perverse soul.