The XX Factor

I Want To See Avatar for Christmas

But, wait, Jess, Avatar is totally for the ladies ! And you know how I know? James Cameron said so! In the totally rocking New Yorker profile of him, he told Dana Goodyear,

“With Avatar , I thought, Forget all these chick flicks and do a classic guys’ adventure movie, something in the Edgar Rice Burroughs mold, like John Carter of Mars -a soldier goes to Mars,” Cameron told me. “Of course, the whole movie ends up being about women, how guys relate to their lovers, mothers-there’s a large female presence,” Cameron said. “I try to do my testosterone movie and it’s a chick flick. That’s how it is for me… Too much is being said about the technology of this film. Quite frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass how a film is made. It’s an emotional story. It’s a love story. They’re not expecting that. The sci-fi/fantasy fans see the trailer and they think, Cool-battles, robots. What you really need to get to is, Oh, it’s that , too.”

Whether or not I quite believe Cameron, I am totally jazzed about the good reviews Avatar has been getting as of a screening last night. I don’t know when exactly I got brainwashed into thinking of the guy who made the biggest grossing movie of all time as an underdog, but I am now totally rooting for his movie about blue cats with boobs not to fail. Schadenfreude be damned, I’d rather something that cost a fortune and millions of man-hours be good than bad. Also, this is the guy who gave us the supremely badass Sarah Connor . I’m not sure it’s his movies we should be refusing to see.

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