My Goodness

How To Do Good in 2010

A collection of Slate’s best philanthropy advice.

Food banks and other charities still need your help

Maybe 2009 was too chaotic a year to focus your time, money, or voice on the many deserving causes calling out for help. With the new year approaching, it’s not too late to do good. The economy is still in bad shape, health care reform remains in flux, and there’s never a shortage of fellow human beings in need of comfort. My Goodness columnists Patty and Sandy Stonesifer offered smart and easy ways to give charitably and volunteer. Below are links to some of their best advice.


Paralyzed by Health Care Reform: I want to act, but I don’t remotely understand the issues. What should I do?

Charity as Stimulus: How to make charitable donations that also boost the economy.

Hungry for Change: More U.S. households are going without food. Here’s how to help.


Typhoon in Burma! Tsunami in Samoa! What’s the absolute best way to help after a natural disaster abroad? Should I send cash?

How To Help a Vet: Many veterans charities aren’t very good. But there are other ways to aid returning soldiers.

Serve It Up: In this terrible economy, where can I find a hands-on, do-gooding job?

Am I My Brother’s Keeper? I have extra cash. My siblings don’t. How much do I have to help them?

Garden-Variety Activism: Can I plant some vegetables in the vacant lot nearby?

Charity Begins at Home: I’m a working mom with little kids. Is there any volunteer work I can do between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.?

Sister, Can You Spare a Dime? I don’t give to my neighborhood panhandlers. Should I?