The XX Factor

He’s Good at Getting the Ball in the Hole

Hanna , given that he’s one of the most famous people in the world, Tiger really has guarded his privacy better than most public figures, so he actually does have some standing to invoke that privacy now that it’s come out he had a mistress, two mistresses , three mistresses-all of whom work in the nightclub industry and all of whom apparently took a photograph of Angelina Jolie to their plastic surgeons and said, “That nose, those lips, and also throw in a set of DD breast implants.” However, since the girlfriend revelations of once-squeaky-clean Tiger have now reached critical mass and he is having thermonuclear bimbo eruptions, whether he wants or deserves privacy, he has to face that it’s gone. For someone with such famous control, did he not think that unless he was very, very generous with his gifts to these women (which means no trinkets from Zales ), eventually one or all might realize they could make years’ worth of income by selling their story to the tabs? Now, at least, we may see how canny Tiger was before he got married if we learn what kind of pre-nup he had his wife sign. As for whether all this will affect his endorsements, see this alleged note to mistress Rachel Uchitel and be comforted that if Nike drops him he can always endorse Ambien.