The Happiness Project

Does Everyone Need a Theme Song? Come On, Get Happy.

Because I literally cannot resist this call to happiness, here is the “Come On, Get Happy” theme song from The Partridge Family television show. I sat grinning away as I listened to it.

If you need it, here’s the



And speaking of getting happier, join the 2010 Happiness Challenge ! Start your own happiness project and make 2010 a happier year.

To help people stick with their happiness projects, I’ve set up a sign-up sheet so you can add your name to the 2010 Year of Happiness challenge. It’s worth taking a second actually to sign up; studies show that doing an action, like signing this pledge , will help you hold yourself accountable for your resolutions.


The areas of focus will be:
• January– Energy
• February– Love
• March– Work
• April– Money
• May– Mindfulness
• June– Order
• July– Spirit
• August– Fun
• September– Parenthood
• October– Friends
• November– Attitude
• December– Boot Camp Perfect


Of course, these categories are just my suggestions. You might choose to focus on very different areas for your happiness project.

January 1 is always a good time to make a resolution – 44% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions – so by adding your name now, you’re committed to taking action when January 1 rolls around. You might also consider using the online tools over at the Happiness Project Toolbox (bonus: you can see what other people are doing, which is fascinating.)

Also, check out the great material at Woman’s Day Happiness Project page . I particularly enjoyed this recent post on Gym Culture, Some Observations .

Make 2010 a happier year. Come on, get happy.

* The book The Happiness Project is coming out on December 29, so you can…
Pre-order ! (if you pre-order, here’s how to get your bonus materials )
Check out the book tour info !
Read sample chapters !
Watch the one-minute book trailer !