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Did Fox Bite Back With the “Glee” Finale?

Did anyone else find the Glee finale faintly disturbing last night? I’ve been wondering all season what Fox is up to with this show. A sweet gay character with a great coming-out to his dad, a nice and three-dimensional kid in a wheelchair, a JAP who is actually funny, the fabulously diabolical and mannish Sue Sylvester, and the general multi-culti vibe-on Fox? But maybe this was all a set up to lure us to the finale, in which our heroes, the still mostly white, middle-class McKinley High Glee club triumphs over teams of deaf kids and poor black girls … who cheated and who get their comeuppance. Meanwhile, gay Kurt is sidelined and even Sue seemed merely mean instead of hilarious. Am I being too sensitive, or were we set up?