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$164 Fine and a New Boozy Mistress

So Tiger’s car crash will cost him $164 , plus whatever millions he has had to pay for such fine lawyering. The state troopers say they will stop going after his medical records, and that “no one involved has made any claims of domestic violence.” Of course, in Florida no one has to make any claims of domestic violence for domestic violence to be charged, as I wrote in my story yesterday. The state police just have to have “probable cause” of domestic violence. Which takes us back to those medical records.

If those records show wounds consistent with a bash on the head with a golf club, we have probable cause of domestic violence. Without them, we have only Tiger’s word that his wife was a rescue angel at the scene of the crash. In the meantime, a new mistress , aptly named “Grubbs,” aptly a cocktail waitress, and aptly in possession of some racy texts, has surfaced. Which makes option one-the bash in the head by the jealous wife story-the more likely one, no?