The XX Factor

My Husband Went to Argentina, and All I Got Was This Dumb Divorce reports that days after husband Mark Sanford admitted to having an affair, Jenny Sanford filed an application to trademark her name for use in “product merchandising to be sold at online retail store featuring clothing, mugs and other household items; stickers, decals, notepads.’” Herein, a few ideas that should sell out fast.

OK, we get that this kind of thing is probably exactly what Jenny Sanford is trying to prevent. But here are a few items we’d like to see in our scorned-wife-fantasy-revenge-scenario of the still- (but presumably soon-to-be-former) Mrs. Sanford’s store (that would be

The “My husband went to Argentina and all I got was this damn divorce?” mug.

“I’m not with stupid?” T-shirts

A “While You Were Out Hiking” notepad.

Weekend Dad parking decals.