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Give Us Our Mammograms, Forget the Cost

Depressing poll numbers from Gallup and USA Today ( via Instapundit ): Seventy-six percent of women say they disagree or strongly disagree with the recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force to delay mammograms to age 50. And 84 percent ages 35 to 49 say they plan to get the screenings anyway. Why? Because they’re suspicious and confused: “Seventy-six percent of women said they believe that the panel based its conclusions on cost, even though the task force’s report included only scientific studies. Women also perceive their breast cancer risk to be higher than it really is.”

Terrific: We’re having another death panel moment. The promise of sensible cost-cutting, grounded in evidence-based medicine, gets plowed under. Blame the bad presentation of a task force taken by surprise, and the exploitation of that opportunity by the opponents of Obama’s healthcare bill.