The XX Factor

Cool It on Warming

A cache of stolen e-mails among prominent climate scientists reveals disturbing evidence of possible manipulation of data , of attempts to destroy data so it will not be available in response to Freedom of Information requests (why not proudly stand behind your work?), and suggestions on how to damage the careers of warming skeptics. This comes at a time when even those scientists who say we’re facing climate catastrophe have to acknowledge that for the past 10 years-in defiance of the models that predicted relentless increase-global temperatures have flattened .

For years, anyone who questioned the warming orthodoxy has been called a flat-earther or a tool of the energy companies. But before we go further toward a massive rearrangement of global economies in order to save us all from melting, this seems like a good time to acknowledge that the predictions aren’t panning out and that it’s legitimate to examine the data and the assumptions of the scientists who say they are in sole possession of the truth.