The XX Factor

Are Americans Really Sick of Palin?

I’m suspicious of this new poll showing that Americans are tired of hearing about Palin , and that they follow the health care debate more closely than they follow the news about her. This is a classic in the category of virtuous self reporting, along with studies about diet and exercise. In the study, only 3 percent of Democrats say they paid attention to coverage of Palin’s book tour. But there are two big problems with that statistic. One, paying attention to news about Palin’s book tour is not the same as paying attention to news about her. People may not even know she has written a book but, as any web site editor can tell you, they will read any story with Palin or Angelina Jolie in the headline. Second, if I asked you to rank your preference about stories on celebrities, child horror or health care, what would you say?