The XX Factor

The Philosophy of Mass Murder

Rachael , I agree it’s astounding that Dunn, whose profession is political communications, apparently has never heard that Mao, one of her two ” favorite political philosophers ,” is probably the greatest mass murderer in human history. She thinks the lesson of his life is “follow your own path.” Could it be possible she doesn’t know that under Mao, if you didn’t follow his path, your next path was to a mass grave?

Farcically, she also misunderstands her other favorite, Mother Teresa. As Dunn tells it, the nun received a letter from an affluent person asking to come to Calcutta to work with her. Mother Teresa replied, “Go find your own Calcutta.” Dunn explains Mother Teresa was saying, “Go find the thing that is unique to you … not somebody’s else’s challenge.” Uh, no. Mother Teresa was saying you don’t have to come to Calcutta to address suffering-find the suffering where you are and minister to it. Maybe Obama should get Dunn a copy of Political Philosophy for Dummies .