The Happiness Project

Take a Look at Some Other Happiness Projects. It’s Not Just Me!

One of the most exciting things about working on my happiness project is seeing other people start their own happiness projects.

I get a real kick from seeing these happiness-project blogs, where people have taken my basic idea and run with it themselves – taking the concept in so many different directions. Every happiness project is different; every one is fascinating. Check these blogs out yourself:

Positively Present

Starfish Envy

Our Happiness Project


Habit Blog

One Woman’s Search for Happiness

Wake Up Laughing


Abby’s World

Take a Walk on the Happy Side

My Own Personal Happiness Project

Lena’s Notebook for the Modern Mom

Wonderful World of Make Believe



Michael Faulkner’s Blog

The Happiness Project

Better Me

Amy Williams/My Happiness Project

Shimmer And Shake

Egg Day–The Brunch Project

Hollis Adoption- Columbia South America

The Beautification Project

Happiness Project

Mind Over Matter

Holy Happiness Project  

The Rose Happiness Project

Blessed Lessons

If you have a blog that’s not on this list, please add yours to this simple form . I’m keeping a running list and want to be able to highlight what you’re doing. (Over on my own home blog, The Happiness Project , I have a chart that updates automatically each time a new entry is added to the form, but I can’t get the chart to appear on Slate , for some reason.)

If you’d like to start a happiness project, but don’t want to do it using a blog, here are some ideas for getting started . Happiness projects for everyone!

* How can I resist a column on Money & Happiness ? I can’t, so I’m a big fan of Laura Rowley’s writing Yahoo! Finance.

* For more discussion about happiness, join the Facebook Page . Lots of people, lots of fascinating insights and conversation.