The XX Factor

Subtle Sexuality Raps Its Way Onto Your iPod

For a giggle, and further proof that gold lamé leggings don’t look good on anyone, I direct you to ” Male Prima Donna ,” a spoof video dreamed up by the writers of The Office and performed by Subtle Sexuality, a girl group comprised of two Office regulars, the incisively ditzy Kelly Kapoor and new receptionist Erin Hannon. Like all great spoof videos, from Weird Al to Lonely Island’s ” I’m on a Boat ” to my personal favorite, ” Let Me Smell Yo Dick ” (which, OK, may not be an intentional spoof), this sounds like it could be a real pop song, from the vocal effects to some of the lyrics: “What you got, ADD? Add it up, don’t equal you and me.”

The other lyrics are, of course, sillier (“You’re cute but you think you’re blazing hot/ You’re short and you think you’re not”), but do capture the central dilemma of being Kelly Kapoor. As played by Office writer Mindy Kaling, Kelly is a blissfully clueless mean girl, a pop-culture-obsessed ditz, who is bossy, self-important, and unkind (see that the song is performed by the “beautiful and mysterious” Kelly Kapoor and just “the pretty” Erin Hannon, because Kelly Kapoor totally designed the band’s website), but she’s constantly getting played by her on-again-off again nonboyfriend Ryan (who shows up as Mr. Understood in the video, the “OG Prima Donna, my rhymes bite like piranha”). If Kelly’s a snotty brat, Ryan’s worse, and she loves him for it. The song is about him , and the lyrics speak for themselves: “You’re the Male Prima Donna, but I can’t help but want ya/ I’m an independent diva, but I still kinda need you.”