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Public School v. Private School

A decade ago, going public meant frothy tech IPOs. Now, it’s what private school kids do when their parents can no longer pay their tuition. Private school enrollments are down everywhere, from Washington D.C. to Tennessee to California , while requests for financial aid are up. Yet recessionary budget cuts have hit many public schools hard, forcing them to lay off teachers (which increases class size), scale back instruction in art, music and theater, and even shorten the school year . Given the cutbacks, public school parents who can afford it may consider sending their kids to private schools.

Are you thinking of transferring your child from private school to public? Or from public to private? Have you already done so recently? Why? What has the transition been like for your children and family? If your kids are already in a public school, are you seeing an influx of children this year who formerly went to private schools? Has that changed the school in any way?

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