The XX Factor

Marge Simpson As Playboy Bunny? Surely We Can Do Better.

Poor Ariel. She’s got the lusty red hair, but it’s tough to make the cover of Playboy without hot legs. (They’re required for more than just running, dancing, it seems.) She, and many equally deserving characters, were beat to the honor of being the first animated Playboy cover girl by none other than Marge Simpson , who poses coyly on the front of the November issue.

Somehow Marge as the first animated bunny just doesn’t seem right. Jessica Rabbit would be an obvious contender, for more than just the pun. I polled our Facebook fans and got some other great suggestions. Kathleen Orin and her husband had a list of 13, including April O’Neil from the Ninja Turtles , She-ra , Daphne from Scooby Doo , and Smurfette (“if you’re going blue hair/yellow body, why not blue body/yellow hair?”). Facebook fan Cherise LaPine Grueninger suggested Jane Lane from Daria . (Although really I think Quinn is more in the Playboy mold.) And Maya Archer-Doyle offers ” Little Lulu , if you asked Roman Polanski … ”

What other fine specimen of animation do you think deserves a cover spot-either on Playboy or Playgirl ? Submit your nominations in the comments section or on the DoubleX Facebook page , and we’ll run a photo gallery of the best picks.