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How To Lose A Job in 140 Characters or Less

Ah, the Internet! A vast playground of pixelated amusements! A technological feat the very thought of which makes one immediately proud of the human race’s collective intelligence. That is, until you realize that for every Stephen Hawking there is a waiter who will submit to easily avoided job termination all because he couldn’t help but out Hung star Jane Adams as a tip skipper on his very public Twitter feed. In the words of Homer Simpson: DOH .

According to Defamer , the Beverly Hills-based waiter, Jon Barrett-Ingels, had committed Twitter faux pas on the job before, once tweeting that Heroes actress Ali Larter was dining sans bra , and that Office star B.J. Novak was hungover . But it was Adams who stormed in a month after the incident and personally scolded Ingels for his tweet before informing the management about his itchy fingers. A few days later the restaurant kicked him to the curb.

Sadly, online disclosure diarrhea is nothing out of the ordinary: A recent study conducted by Internet security firm Proofpoint found that 8 percent of companies have dismissed an employee for careless social media posts. Remember the widely blogged about Cisco-tweet fiasco last March? A prospective employee tweeted about his job offer, typing, “Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.” Not only did he not get the job, he earned the online moniker “Cisco Fatty” and his humilation was memorialized in a website .

For his part, Ingels took his revenge to the L.A. Times , where he griped about Adams: “All she could think about was herself and her pride and her ego.” Which may be true in some respects, but, Jane Adams still has a job, so … .

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