The XX Factor

Book of the Week: “The Children’s Book.’

Anyone remember the pleasure of reading Possession , the literary thriller and romance by A.S. Byatt? She has a new novel, The Children’s Book , in the same genre that she has dubbed postmodern-Victorian. The book centers on Olive Wellwood, a children’s book author saved from poverty by her rich and philandering husband. Byatt has an amazing ability to colonize the minds of her characters; some would say it’s her flaw . The book follows the family through various tragedies, global and personal, and winds down in a soap-operatic way. It takes some indulgence to follow all of her historical digressions and stock characters, but well worth it. Lately I have been dreaming about Tom, the favored and tragic eldest Wellwood son. DoubleX will devote its podcast to the book next week. Come and listen!