The XX Factor

What Women Want From Don Draper

Hmm, Matt . As commenter GemmaM points out, I did open myself up to the “what women want” game. And I thought for a minute I might have to concede that you’ve figured us out. Because, of course, you’re right that I don’t want my emotions governed by the courts or Feminist Theory 101 or, worse, 403. Does anyone, really?

But you’re also arguing that women watch Mad Men because they yearn for men like Don Draper and Roger Sterling. To marry or have a relationship with, as well as to adore on TV. And there, I can’t go. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as crushy about Don as the girl in the next cubicle. (Though my heart still goes first to Tim Riggins on FNL , as you do like to remind me.) But even if I weren’t as devoted to my husband as you are to your wonderful wife, I wouldn’t want to have a relationship with anyone like Don. (And forget about Roger entirely. You won’t believe me, but I didn’t remember that pony ride scene until you mentioned it. Guess I won’t be writing to Daniel Bergner about that for his project about sex and passion for DoubleX . ) I mean, why would I, when if I imagine myself single for just a second, I’d have so many better flavors of man to choose from? You’re offering me only two: The henpecked, effeminized, sensitized guy with a bad haircut, and raffish, sexy, cheating, perfectly groomed Don. What about all the men in the far more interesting in-between, the ones who are “free to be men” (Have you thought of launching a clothing line? Or a Lance Armstrong bracelet?) and who also take women seriously, intellectually and emotionally and otherwise. I’m with Loth and some of the other commenters: We’ve moved beyond the place to which Mad Men reels us back, and I don’t want to go back. Not even for a pony ride. Though thanks for asking. I feel like you’re really looking out for me.